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Where can I get flags? Hint: sometimes you can download all flags from the page, for example from here by saving loaded web page! Load the page in the browser -> press CTRL+S (win) -> find folder with saved elements of the web page and take flags images from there.  

I just bought the plugin and cant install it. Error!!

100% you are trying to install Codecanyon bundle. To install the plugin you are need unpack its bundle downloaded from Codecanyon and then you will find inside which should be installed. + Uninstall free version of the plugin before installing premium version. All options are in the data base of the site – so all will be… read more

How to manipulate with currencies rates

Sometimes some customers need manipulation with currency rates, for example add to USD rate 10%. Every body has its own logic and Math. This article just show how to do this. open your theme functions.php on the same bottom of the file write next code: