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WordPress Currency Switcher – is a WordPress plugin that allows to switch to different currencies and get their rates converted in the real time using special shortcode [wpcs_price]. It is the power marketing tool with heap of shortcodes and widgets for any WordPress catalogs where currency switcher is need.

The plugin features

  1. Widget & Shortcode [wpcs]
  2. Shortcode to make prices in the site content switch-able [wpcs_price]
  3. 2 more additional AJAXED shortcodes and widgets: [wpcs_rates] & [wpcs_converter]
  4. Currencies rate auto update option from 7 aggregators
  5. Possibility to create and use custom currency which doesn't exists in the reality
  6. GEO IP rules - let your site visitors see prices in their country currency!
  7. Possible to add custom currency sign in the site
  8. Possibility to set flag for each currency
  9. 5 kinds of drop-downs to show currency switcher on the front + as flag images + beauty side switcher (3 skins)
  10. Setting exchange rates by cron (autoupdate)
  11. Set currencies exchange rates manually or/and by any of currency aggregators with cron
  12. Possible to set currency on the site page with the site link as:
  13. Decimal separator optional
  14. Thousandth separator optional
  15. Simple settings panel
  16. Easy to use for administrators and shop customers

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